Directors and Management


VIDO-InterVac is a research organization of the University of Saskatchewan (U of S).  We operate under a constitution and bylaws which provide for a Board of Directors responsible to the President of the U of S. 


Our Senior and Science Management Teams work closely with the Board of Directors and Senior Management of the U of S.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors contributes industry expertise and practical guidance.

VIDO-InterVac Director and CEO

Dr. Andrew Potter is an internationally recognized authority on vaccine development. Dr. Potter is renowned for his visionary research into how bacteria cause disease and for his groundbreaking projects at VIDO-InterVac that have generated "world firsts" in disease prevention and more than 50 patents for animal vaccine development and therapeutics.

Senior Management Team

Our senior management team is responsible for the strategic direction and vision of VIDO-InterVac with members dedicated to research, finances, human resources and intellectual property, and business development.

Science Management Team

Our science management team oversees the day-to-day research conducted by VIDO-InterVac research groups.

Organizational Chart

Organizational chart

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