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Vaccines are capable of preventing and reducing incidences of disease, but proper usage is crucial to their usefulness. Producers must understand the limitations of vaccines and incorporate additional management procedures or tools into their overall strategy to fight disease.

Vaccination Selection
Vaccination Guidelines
Injection Guidelines
Vaccine Research

Vaccine Selection

Vaccine Selection: A Daunting Task
Dr. Doug Myers, Canadian Cattlemen
Veterinarians consider "a multitude of factors" when recommending vaccines. (PDF)

Vaccination Guidelines

Vaccination Guidelines: How to Get the Maximum Benefit When Vaccinating Your Beef Cattle Herd
VIDO Beef Tech Group Publication
Comprehensive guidelines for effective herd vaccination. Learn proper techniques for storage and handling of vaccines. Learn what factors -- age, timing, among others -- should be considered when vaccinating. Learn proper techniques for injection, sanitation and disposal of vaccines. (PDF)

Injection Techniques

Vaccine Injection Basics
Mike Apley, DVM, PhD, Iowa State University; and W. Mark Hilton, DVM, Purdue University
Injection techniques can directly and indirectly impact meat quality, production efficiency, and personnel safety. Two veterinarians provide the proper techniques for performing vaccine injections.

Realizing the Impact of Injection Site Lesions
Clell V. Bagley, Utah State University
While injections of almost any vaccine can cause lesions, the extent, severity, and economic loss from the resulting lesions can be greatly reduced. Find out how. (PDF)

Vaccines and Immunity
Dr. John Campbell, Canadian Cattlemen
Most cattle producers rely on their veterinarians to advise them about vaccines use. But having a better understanding of how vaccines work can help producers understand the importance of proper administration and timing to these disease prevention tools. (PDF)

Vaccine Research

Beef Research: Past, Present, Future
Philip Greibel, Senior Research Scientist, Vaccine & Infectious Disease Organization
A review of vaccine research conducted by VIDO scientist Philip Greibel, including needle-free vaccine delivery and vaccines for scour, respiratory disease, recombinant protein and, most recently, E. coli 0157. (Power Point Presentation - 8891 K)

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