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Environmental Farm Plans

Environmental farm plans help producers identify any risks their management processes may pose to the environment. An action plan is then initiated to help reduce these risks. In collaboration with industry, the federal and provincial governments have tailored the plans to each province and its specific environmental needs.

Federal-Provincial Farm Plans

Provincial Farm Plans

Canada-Nova Scotia Environmental Farm Plan
Nova Scotia Agriculture and Fisheries; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
For an overview of the environmental farm plan for Nova Scotia - a joint venture between the federal and provincial governments - read this overview of the program or read this brochure (PDF- 3.06 MB).

Canada-Quebec Environmental Farm Plan
Club Conseils en Agroenvironment; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Producers who participate in the Agrienvironmental Support Plan (PAA) receive technical assistance and guidance to (1) perform an environmental assessment of their farm operation outlining their risks and benefits; and (2) develop an action plan to mitigate their agri-environmental risks. For a pdf brochure on the plan click here.

Canada-Ontario Farm Plan
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
The environmental farm plan for Ontario: its benefits, history, and application process.

Canada-Manitoba Farm Plan
Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
How does the EFP work? Why participate? What are the issues? What's the process? Find out here.

Canada-Saskatchewan Farm Plan
Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food
A primer on the environmental farm plan in Saskatchewan.

Alberta Environmental Farm Plan
The Alberta Environmental Farm Plan Company
While the Environmental Farm Plan is a Canada-wide network, and typically individually operated by provincial governments, the program in Alberta is handled by a privately-operated, non-profit company.

British Columbia Environmental Farm Plan
Resource Management Branch, Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Government of British Columbia
Launched in 2003, B.C.'s environmental farm plan is a partnership among Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, and the B.C. Agriculture Council.

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