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Weed Management

Weeds are defined as undesirable plants, ranging from plants that interfere with land management objectives to plants that humans have not yet found beneficial. Whatever definition is used, weeds can impact the bottom line, and learning to manage them is key. Read about the impacts of weeds, weed management techniques, and problem weeds.

Weed Management - General
Weeds: British Columbia
North Dakota

Weed Management - General

Weed Control in Pastures
Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
Weed control should be considered when seeding a new pasture and should be carried out on established pastures through such techniques as tillage, rotational grazing, and mowing.

Integrated Weed Management
Ontario Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs
Integrated Weed Management uses all the weed control measures available to producers. While it reduces the use of herbicides, it can also boost economic returns to the farmer.

Biological Control of Weeds
Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food
The deliberate use of the natural enemies of a weed to first bring it under control, and then to maintain its low numbers over time.

Prescription Grazing for Weed Management
Rachel A. Frost and Karen L. Launchbaugh, Department of Rangeland Ecology, University of Idaho
Prescription grazing is the application of grazing at a specified time (season), duration and grazing intensity to control weeds and other plants on rangeland. While indiscriminant grazing can in fact promote the spread of weeds, prescription grazing, when applied correctly, can vastly improve weed management programs.

Weeds: British Columbia

Field Guide to Noxious and Nuisance Weeds in British Columbia
Ray Cranston and David Ralph, B.C. Ministry of Agriculture; Brian Weeden, previously with B.C. Ministry of Forests
A guide to identifying and controlling both noxious and nuissance weeds in the province and in specific regions of the province. The guide also explains B.C. legislation mandating weed control.

Noxious Weed Control
Columbia Shuswap Regional District, Salmon Arm, British Columbia
A thorough guide to identification, prevention, and control of weeds in the Rocky Mountain foothills. The guide also offers a primer on the B.C. Weed Control Act.

Spotted, Diffuse and Russian Knapweed
IVM Bulletin, Integrated Pest Management Practioners Association
A variety of pest management methods to control knapweed, a noxious weed that exudes chemicals preventing the establishment of neighbouring plants. This factsheet also offers descriptions of the plants, their distribution, and life-cycles.

Leafy Spurge
IVM Bulletin, Integrated Pest Management Practioner's Association
Techniques to control leafy spurge that are not only more environmentally-friendly than conventional methods, but also more effective.


Restricted, Noxious, Nuisance Weeds in Alberta
Alberta Agriculture & Food
Answers to frequently asked questions about the differences between restricted, noxious and nuissance weeds in Alberta, including lists of each category of weed.


Problem Weeds in Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food
A guide to those weeds whose absence or presence indicates the health of pasturelands.

Management of Pasture Sage
Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food
The presence of pasture sage is a symptom of the problem rather than the problem itself, indicating as it does poor grazing management. Conventional methods will not control the weed, and so integrated weed management should be practiced.


Weeds in Manitoba
Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
Weeds sorted by common name and family. Management facts are also offered.

Integrated Management of Leafy Spurge
Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
Cultural, chemical and biological control of a very obnoxious weed.


Ontario Weed Control Guide
Ontario Agriculture. Food and Rural Affairs
A comprehensive, widely-used guide to weed control. It gives the latest information on the management of weeds.

Ontario Weed Gallery
Ontario Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
This gallery of important weeds can be browsed by plant species or by family. Each plant entry offers not only a description of the plant and its habitat but also colourful photos.

North Dakota

Noxious and Other Problem Weeds in North Dakota
Rodney G. Lym, Dept. of Plant Sciences, North Dakota State University
An online guide to identifying weeds in North Dakota and the Northern Prairies. Each species entry offers a colour photograph, the natural history and the range for that species.

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