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Verified Beef Production

In order to minimize food safety risks and ensure customer confidence, beef producers have improved production standards and implemented new monitoring processes, often on a voluntary basis. Age verification is one such monitoring process.

Verified Beef Production - User Info
Verified Beef Production - General Info
On-Farm Food Safety
More Verified Beef Information

Verified Beef Production - User Info

Canadian Cattle Identification Program
Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
The website for the Canadian Cattle Identification Program, a trace-back system designed for the containment and eradication of livestock disease.

Guide to Age Verification
Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
Guidelines for age verification registration, validation, username and password set-up, and birth data submission. (PDF)

Canadian Radio Frequency Identification Reader (CRFIR) Program
Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
Successful applicants to the ID reader program are eligible for a fifty per cent credit towards a reader, a necessary tool for the tracking of cattle production. (PDF)

Third Party Contacts for Age Verification
Alberta Agriculture and Food
Individuals, groups and businesses in Western Canada and Ontario that offer age verification services.

Verified Beef Production - General Info

Age Verification Facts
Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency answers frequently asked questions about age verification.

Radio Frequency Identification Facts
Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
Answers to frequently asked questions about the radio frequency identification program: When will cattle require RFID tags? Is there a dual RFID tag available? How many CCIA-approved RFID tags are there?

Age Verification - Various Factsheets
Alberta Agriculture and Food
Various factsheets on age verification, including instructions on how to register, obtain your source account number, use the CFIA website, and retire tag numbers.

Age Verification
British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
What is age verification? What are the benefits of it? How does it work? Find out here.

On-Farm Food Safety

Quality Starts Here: Verified Beef Production Program
Canadian Cattlemen's Association
Website offering information on the Verified Beef Production program, a producer-led voluntary program designed to help set-up and verify on-farm practices to minimize food safety risks.

More Verified Beef Information

Alberta Beef On-Farm Food Safety
Alberta Beef Producers
British Columbia Cattlemen's Association
Fédération des Producteurs de Bovines du Québec
Manitoba Cattle Producers Association
Ontario Cattlemen's Association
Ontario Quality Starts Here
Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association
Saskatchewan Quality Starts Here
Saskastchewan Stock Growers Association

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