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General Food Safety

High standards for food safety - both on the farm and beyond - are crucial to protecting consumers and ensuring their confidence in beef products.

On-Farm Food Safety
International Food Safety
National Food Safety Programs
Food Safety Agencies
Food Safety Resources

On-Farm Food Safety

Food Safety on the Farm
Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
A factsheet offering information on farm-based food safety.

On-Farm Safety Programs in Ontario: Background Paper
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
An Ontario government background paper, including the evolution, benefits, foundation and national response to On-Farm Food safety programs.

On-Farm Food Safety in Alberta
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
On-farm food safety programs and initiatives in the province of Alberta.

Risk Assessment for Animal Disease and Food Safety
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
Risk assessment is a science-based assessment of specific hazards, such foodborne illness.

International Food Safety

Codus Alimentarius
The Codex Alimentarius represents the world code of food standards.

National Food Safety Programs

On-Farm Food Safety Recognition Program (CFIA)
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points/ Food Safety Enhancement Program (CFIA)
Quality Starts Here: Verified Beef Production Program (CCA)


Meat Inspection Act
Livestock and Livestock Products Act and Regulations
Livestock Diseases Act and Regulations

British Columbia
Food Safety Act
Agri-Food Choice and Quality Act

Livestock and Livestock Products Act
Legislation Regulating Food

Food Safety and Quality Act
Food Safety and Quality Act: Questions and Answers

On-Farm Quality Assurance Programs Act
Diseases of Animals Act
Food Safety Regulations

Food Safety Agencies

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Canadian On-Farm Food Safety (COFFS) Working Group
Canadian Federation of Agriculture - Food Safety and Quality

United States
U.S. Food Safety
U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service
U.S. FDA Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition

Directorate General for Health and Consumers

Food Safety Resources

Good Agricultural Practices Network (Cornell University)
Food Safety Network (University of Guelph)

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