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EPDs and ABCs

To find that perfect sire, producers use a breeding selection tool called an EPD, or Expected Progeny Difference, and an ABC, or Across Breed Comparison. By comparing individuals of a certain breed, the tools yield cattle with desirable performance traits.

Basics of EPDs and ABCs
Finding the Best EPD

Basics of EPDs and ABCs

The ABCs of EPDs and ABCs
Andy Robinson, Beef Improvement Ontario
What exactly is an EPD? An ABC? How are they calculated? How can they be used?

EPD: Background on Breeding Value Estimation
John Evans and David Buchanan, Department of Animal Science, Oklahoma State University
Read about the EPD and the concept geneticists call Breeding Value Estimation - that is, the process of weighing the genetic value of a sire. (PDF)

Understanding Expected Progency Differences (EPDs)
Scott Greiner, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia State University
A summary of EPDs, including the different uses and kinds - carcass, growth and maternal. (PDF)

Using EPDs
John Evans and David Buchanan, Department of Animal Science, Oklahoma State University
An EPD is a powerful selection tool for breeders, but it must be used with care. This factsheet offers the best use of EPDs. (PDF)

Finding the Best EPD

EPD's: Sorting Beef from Bull
Beef magazine, May 2000
Disregard the sales pitches and cut through the glut of information on EPDs to find the best bull for your operation.

Leveraging your EPD Selection
Beef magazine, Jan. 2003
How much bang will you actually get for your EPD buck? Will it really benefit your operation?

EPDs and Economics: Determining the Relative Importance of Traits
Beef magazine, Feb. 2000
Sire selection is not just as a problem of genetics. It's a matter of economics, too.

How Much Performance?
Beef magazine, Sept. 2002
Too much performance can actually be as bad as not enough.

It All Begins with Goal Setting
Beef magazine, Apr. 2000
Before using an EPD as a breeding selection tool, you should set goals for your operation.

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