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Other Breeding Tools and Practices

Modern science may have transformed breeding by introducing genetic marker technology, but there's also a place for such time-honoured practices as crossbreeding.

Genetic Markers

Genetic Markers

Genetic Marker-assisted "Optimum" Selection
Beef magazine, Mar. 1999
Modern DNA technology, especially genetic marker technology, has made the search for sires with desirable traits more effective than ever.

DNA: Silver Bullet Science?
Beef magazine, June 2001
Genetic markers may have made breeding more precise, but the new tools shouldn't replace sound management or the use of EPDs.


Crossbreeding Cattle
Scott Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech
Why crossbreed? Which crosses are best? Which crossbreeding tools are best? Find out here.

Crossbreeding Beef Cattle
John Evans and C.A. McPeake, Extension Oklahoma State University
Research has shown that crossbreeding -- the mating of animals from different breeds -- has the potential to boost cattle productivity. (PDF)

Applying Principles of Crossbreeding
C. Kim Chapman and Dale ZoBell, Extension Utah State University
Cross breeding may be a powerful tool, but improper use of the practice can have potentially devastating results. Learn what considerations must be taken before implementing a program. (PDF)

Crossbreeding Beef Cattle: British Breeds
R.R. Frahm, Department of Animal Science, Oklahoma State University
The crossbreeding of important British breeds such as Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn. (PDF)

Inbreeding in Cattle
Sarah Northcutt, David Buchanan and Archie Cutter, Department of Animal Science, Oklahoma State University
Read about the effects of inbreeding and its occasional uses as a breeding practice. (PDF)

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