Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization -
International Vaccine Centre

Specialized Equipment and Features

Select Agent Lab:

VIDO-InterVac has the physical requirements and capacity to develop procedures required to work with Select Agents as classified by the American Federal Select Agent Program.


VIDO-InterVac offers aerobiology services to researchers examining Risk Group 2 and 3 pathogens by inhalation exposure.  Our facility has containment level 2 (CL2) capacity, three large animal containment level 3 (CL3) animal rooms and a CL3 laboratory supplied with breathing air for work in a positive pressure suit.  The CL3 laboratory is also equipped with a Class III Biological Safety Cabinet (Glovebox) connected to a Madison chamber for aerosol animal model challenge studies.

Imaging & Cellular Analysis:

We have a range of specialized equipment to study immune response and host-pathogen interactions in both containment level 2 and 3.  This includes flow cytometry, cell sorting and analysis, confocal microscopy and small live animal imaging.