Information For Livestock Producers

VIDO-InterVac Beef Tech Group (VBTG)


The VBTG develops resources that address key production issues of beef producers, and conveys the animal health concerns of the cattle industry to VIDO-InterVac.


Formed in 2001, the VBTG is comprised of industry leaders from across Canada, and VIDO-InterVac Research scientists.  Presently this group includes:

  • Mr. Marlin Beever - Producer/Feeder, MB
  • Dr. Reynold Bergen - Canadian Cattlemen's Association, AB
  • Mr. Art Devick - Producer, BC
  • Dr. Philip Griebel - Research Scientist, VIDO-InterVac
  • Mr. Elgar Grinde - Producer, AB
  • Dr. Murray Jelinski - Consultant, SK
  • Mr. Randy Kaiser - Producer, AB
  • Dr. Bart Lardner - Research Scientist, Western Beef Development Centre, SK
  • Dr. Hugh Townsend - Research Scientist, VIDO-InterVac
  • Mr. Les Wall - Feedlot representative, KCL Cattle Company, AB
  • Dr. Don Wilson - Clinical Research Program Manager, VIDO-InterVac


Resources for Beef Producers:

  • BEEF INFONET covers the full spectrum of issues facing cattle producers.  It's a valuable tool to help producers refine their operations and boost the health of their livestock.



  • November 2009 - the VBTG and Dr. Steven Hendrick share insights with producers in their most recent publication:   Johne's Disease.


 Funders and supporters of the VIDO-InterVac Beef Technical Group:

VIDO-InterVac Contact for Tech Groups


Sherri Hueser (306) 966-7474

VIDO-InterVac Swine Technical Group (VSTG)


The VSTG investigates disease problems to management and profitability of swine operations and develops resources to help livestock producers to refine their operations and enhance the health of their animals.


Formed in 1980, the VSTG is a multidisciplinary group comprised of producers, veterinarians, agricultural economists, agricultural engineers, nutritionists, farm extension workers and VIDO-InterVac research scientists. Presently this group includes:

  • Dr. Josee Daigneault - Manager of Veterinary Services, Pfizer Animal Health, QC
  • Dr. Shawn Davidson - Davidson Swine Health Services, SK
  • Dr. Volker Gerdts - Research Scientist, VIDO-InterVac
  • Mr. Jan Geurts - Production/Breeding Specialist, Nutrition Partners, AB
  • Mr. Bernie Peet - Pork Chain Consulting Ltd., AB
  • Mr. Colin Pratt - Production Manager, Big Sky Farms, SK
  • Dr. Stewart Walker - Clinical Research Group Veterinarian, VIDO-InterVac
  • Mr. Lee Whittington - President and CEO - Prairie Swine Centre, SK


Resources for Swine Producers:




  • January 2010 - the VSTG discusses swine production in tough economic times in their most recent publication  Back in the Black.  


Back in the Black is also discussed in the June 24, 2010 Swine management Strategies for Profitable Times article by Bernie Peet.


Funders and supporters of the VIDO-InterVac Swine Technical Group:

Our Research

The Pneumo-Star vaccine was the world's first recombinant vaccine licensed for use in animals. Other products in bold were also world firsts of their type.

VicogenTM Cattle Prevention of calf scours
Ecolan RCTM Cattle Prevention of bacterial and viral calf scours
Hevlan TCTM Poultry Prevention of enteritis in turkeys
Pneumo-StarTM Cattle Prevention of Pasteurella infection in cattle (part of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) complex)
Somnu-StarTM Cattle Prevention of Haemophilosis in cattle (part of BRD complex)
Somnu-Star PhTM Cattle Prevention of Pasteurellosis and Haemophilosis in cattle (part of BRD complex)
Pleuro-Star 4TM Swine Prevention of Porcine Pleuropneumonia
EconicheTM Cattle
Prevention of Escherichia coli (E coli) O157:H7 shedding in cattle