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Development of a vaccine for Mycoplasma bovis in cattle

Project Leader: Jose Perez-Casal

Mycoplasma bovis is an important pathogen that can cause chronic bronchopneumonia and polyarthritis in cattle. The bacterium is currently controlled by animal quarantine and antibiotic use as available vaccines lack efficacy. To better protect feedlot cattle, we are focused on developing a protective vaccine based on improved M. bovis pathogenesis knowledge.

Recent reports indicate that North American bison are also affected by M. bovis, which can cause losses of 20-25% in affected herds. With collaborators in Alberta and the United States Department of Agriculture we are studying the epidemiology of the disease to compare isolates from bison and cattle for phenotypic traits.


  • Collect and compare Mycoplasma bovis from bison and cattle for virulence trials
  • Develop a vaccine for Mycoplasma bovis in cattle