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Swine Technical Group

From left to right: Lee Whittington, Stewart Walker, Shawn Davidson, Tony Nicol, Volker Gerdts, Murray Elliott, Rocky Morrill, Bernie Peet, Colin Pratt, Jan Guerts.  Missing:  Franklin Kains

The VIDO Swine Technical Group (VSTG) is a unique association of people directly involved in the swine industry who voluntarily give their time and expertise in a wide variety of specialty disciplines.

The group was formed in 1980 to develop a multidisciplinary approach to common production issues – developing solid options and solutions as they bounced ideas around as a group. The group has proven to be successful and has achieved the respect of the industry.

Members of the group change from time to time, and have included producers, veterinarians, agricultural economists, agricultural engineers, nutritionists, farm extension workers and VIDO research scientists.

The Group investigates and discusses disease problems of pigs which relate to management and affect the profitability of hog production. These discussions have led to targeted research projects and the development of a variety of educational materials for swine producers.


Mr. Lee Whittington
(Chair, VIDO Swine Technical Group ) - President/CEO, Prairie Swine Centre, Inc.
Dr. Stewart Walker, VIDO, Clinical Services
Dr. Shawn Davidson - Davidson Swine Health Services, SK
Mr. Tony Nicol - Manager, Poundmaker Pork Farm, Wainwright, AB
Dr. Volker Gerdts – Associate Director (Research), VSTG Facilitator, VIDO
Mr. Murray Elliott - Sales Representative, FGC Limited, ON
Mr. Rocky Morrill - Producer, Peace Pork Inc., Sunrise Pork Producers, Dawson Creek, BC
Mr. Bernie Peet - Pork Chain Consulting Ltd., Lacombe, AB
Mr. Colin Pratt - Production Manager, Big Sky Farms Inc., Humboldt, SK
Mr. Jan Geurts – Nutrition Partners, Airdrie, AB
Mr. Franklin Kains – Representative, Ontario Pork Industry Council

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