Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission:

To conduct research and develop vaccines and related products, with key national and international partners, for the prevention and control of human and animal diseases

Our Vision:

Protecting Canada and the world from infectious diseases

Our Core Values:

VIDO is committed to a set of core values which provides the foundation for all activity within the organization:

  • Leadership: We value leaders who create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and team collaboration through innovation, strategic thinking and open communication
  • Commitment to Excellence: We value excellence through professional behaviour, competence, objectivity and accountability, impartiality, continuous leaning, creativity and innovation to create a positive work environment.  We are committed to the principles of sound science as demonstrated by continuously striving for excellence in the research, development and delivery of human and animal health solutions
  • Dedication to Service: We value and take pride in respectful and high quality service and relationships with customers through quality management.  Our dedication to service reflects the importance of our work and relevance in strengthening public and animal health around the world
  • Health and Safe Work Environment: We value an organization that is built upon a foundation of respect, courtesy and fairness that openly acknowledges and recognizes the contributions of its employees, and that is supportive of equality, diversity and inclusiveness.  We are committed to a workplace that promotes and enforces the highest standards of personal and institutional safety for staff and the community.
  • Ethical Behavior: We value a workplace where all employees demonstrate integrity, honesty and trust in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities and their internal and external relationships as demonstrated by action with integrity in all aspects of work.