Mission, Vision, Values

Our Vision:

Healthy People, Healthy Animals

Our Mission:

To Protect the World from Infectious Diseases

Our Core Values:

Excellence: We bring relentless passion for progress and meaningful impact every day, as we strive to be known as global thought leaders and innovators.

Commitment: We are purpose driven, committed to being the best we can be, constantly working to improve ourselves, to cultivate our knowledge and attitudes and to achieve positive change.

Respect: We strive for inclusivity and exhibit deferential regard for all manners of diversity and value the talents and beliefs of our clients, partners, and colleagues.

Team: We understand that success lies in our ability to trust each other, behaving with integrity through constructive collaboration, we support one other in the achievement of a common vision.

Accountability: We proactively focus on solutions and results by engaging others in decisions and plans that involve them, and collectively commit to those decisions.