VIDO Post Doctoral Association

Welcome to the VIDO Postdoctoral Association (VPDA), a voluntary association that functions as a dynamic association within VIDO, generously funded through a grant from the Director of Research at VIDO. Our primary objective is to encourage a vibrant community and facilitate strong connections among postdoctoral research fellows and their respective research groups. In striving toward this goal, we aim to create a culture of inclusivity where every postdoc feels valued, respected, and embraced, regardless of background or identity. This commitment to inclusivity fosters a thriving community that celebrates diversity and thrives on collaborative endeavors.

“You can not use up creativity, creative thinking builds on itself and increases the creativity of the thinker….You can not use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.” ~Maya Angelou

What is a Postdoctoral Fellow?
Postdoctoral Research Fellowships are typically granted to individuals who have earned their doctoral degrees within the past five years, aiming to immerse themselves in a focused research period. These fellowships have a duration ranging from a minimum of two years to a maximum of five years. Postdoctoral fellows significantly contribute to advancing the research endeavors of the University of Saskatchewan. The university takes pride in hosting postdoctoral fellows from diverse corners of the globe. The complete administration of postdoctoral fellowships is handled by the USask College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

To foster community building, we also aspire to cultivate a culture of lifelong scientific curiosity. To inspire postdocs to explore new frontiers, question assumptions, and actively contribute to a global culture of continuous learning. This dual emphasis on fostering a strong community and igniting a passion for scientific exploration forms the core of VPDA's mission, enhancing the dynamic research landscape at VIDO.

Research Grants:
Fueling innovation, VPDA offers postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to apply for small research grants of $10, 000 CAD. These grants support interdisciplinary projects spanning multiple VIDO research groups. Proposals undergo evaluation every year, resulting in the award of two grants annually. The VPDA is dedicated to cultivating a supportive and collaborative environment that propels the success of our postdoctoral researchers. Embark on an exciting journey of discovery, learning, and professional growth with us.

Career Development Seminar Series:
Enrich your professional journey through our quarterly Career Development Seminar Series. Renowned professionals from academia, government, and industry share their experiences and insights, offering valuable perspectives for postdocs to navigate their career paths.

Monthly Meetings:
Participate in enlightening discussions and knowledge-sharing during our monthly meetings. Postdoctoral research fellows seize the opportunity to present their ongoing and past research, exchange insights, and discuss professional development goals. These sessions serve as a platform for both academic and social interaction.

Social Events:
Strengthening our sense of community, VPDA plans social events every three months. These gatherings provide a relaxed environment for networking and building camaraderie among postdoctoral fellows.

Organizational Structure:
At the heart of VPDA is inclusivity. Comprising all postdoctoral fellows at VIDO, our association is led by a dynamic team of executives. The four key executive positions allow for a smooth transition of leadership while ensuring a diverse representation of voices.

Current Executive

  1. Josephine Chileshe

    President - VIDO Post Doctoral Association


    Josephine Chileshe

  2. Arianna M. Hurtado-Monzόn

    Vice-President - VIDO Post Doctoral Association


    Arianna M. Hurtado-Monzόn

  3. Mario Fragoso-Saavedra

    Secretary - VIDO Post Doctoral Association


    Mario Fragoso-Saavedra

  4. Shaun Wachter

    Member Relations Officer - VIDO Post Doctoral Association


    Shaun Wachter