VIDO Post Doctoral Association

The VIDO Post Doctoral Association (VPDA) is a post doctoral run association funded through a grant from the Associate Director of Research at VIDO to encourage social and professional connectivity between post doctoral research fellows and their respective research group. This association includes all post doctoral fellows at VIDO, and four executive positions. These executive positions are the President, Vice President/Treasurer, Union Representative and VIDO Seminar Representative. The executives are elected for a term of 6 months. A member can hold the same executive position for 2 terms.

Activities and Grants

The VPDA holds monthly meetings during which post doctoral research fellow present their current and past research, discuss research and professional development goals, and socialize. A social event is held every 6 months. The VPDA also organizes a Career Development Seminar Series with invited professionals from academia, government and industry. A seminar is held every 3 months. The VPDA also offers post docs the opportunity to apply for small ($5000-$6000) research grants for post doctoral fellow led projects that are interdisciplinary and involve more than one VIDO research groups. Grant proposals are evaluated every 6 months and 3 grants are awarded each year.

Career Development Seminar Series
Upcoming Speakers:

Previous Speakers:
March 10, 2023 1-2pm via Zoom
Dr. Fiona Brinkman, Distinguished Professor, Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Simon Fraser University
"Sustainable Scientific Success"

December 9, 2022
Dr. Robert Gruninger, Research Scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge Research and Development Center
“From the farm to the city and back: my path to becoming a Government of Canada Research Scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada”

September 23, 2022
Atrayee Basu, Senior Career Peer Educator at the University of Saskatchewan Career Services
“Riding into the Future: Career Talk on Building Resume and CV”

July 29, 2022
Dr. Robert Laprairie, Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan; Saskatchewan-GSK Chair in Drug Discovery and Development
“Cannabinoid pharmacology: natural compounds and new directions”

Current Executive

  1. Haley Sanderson

    President - VIDO Post Doctoral Association


    Haley Sanderson

  2. Pooja Choudhary

    Vice President - VIDO Post Doctoral Association


    Pooja Choudhary

  3. Shaun Wachter

    Union Representative - VIDO Post Doctoral Association


    Shaun Wachter

  4. Arianna M. Hurtado-Monzόn

    VIDO Seminar Representative - VIDO Post Doctoral Association


    Arianna M. Hurtado-Monzόn

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