Large Scale Science

VIDO has some of the most advanced research and development capacity in the world—containment level 2 to 3-Ag. We are expanding our capabilities and capacity to containment level 4 as we become Canada’s Centre for Pandemic Research. 

Our facilities include:

Containment Level 2/Biosafety Level 2:

  • 25 research laboratories
  • 24 animal isolation rooms
  • Surgical suites
  • 160-acre (65 hectare) research station for large animal studies

Containment Level 3/Biosafety Level 3 (International Vaccine Centre):

  • 7 research laboratories
  • Clinical pathology including tissue processing, and automated histology and hematology suites
  • 18 animal isolation rooms that can house all animal species
  • Necropsy and surgical suites

Vaccine Development Centre:

  • Process development
  • Manufacturing suite
  • Fill and finish
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