Accessing InterVac

Containment Level 3 Access

We welcome collaborators and visiting scientists from government, academia and industry to carry out Containment Level 3 (CL3) research at the International Vaccine Centre (InterVac). Advance your research using our specialized capacity including one of the largest CL3 facilities with large animal capacity in the world.

The InterVac facility includes:

  • 7 CL3 laboratories including select agent and aerobiology labs
  • CL3 clinical pathology lab including tissue processing, and automated histology and hematology suites
  • 18 CL3 animal isolation rooms that can house all animal species
  • CL3 necropsy and surgical suites

Interested parties are encouraged to contact VIDO's Associate Director of Reserach. Researchers are required to submit a proposal. Each project proposal is evaluated by the Access Committee, and access is provided based on scientific merit, potential impact, and available capacity (facility, personnel, expertise). 

For more information on the facility please download our brochure.

Access steps: 

Facility use is cost competitive thanks to funding from the Canadian Government through the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

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