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  • VIDO-InterVac researchers address cattle disease and food security in Kenya

    This week researchers at the University of Saskatchewan’s VIDO-InterVac are in Kenya to launch two major projects aimed at addressing food security through livestock vaccine development.

  • Researchs at U of S VIDO-InterVac close in on vaccine to protect babies

    Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan are closing in on a needle-free vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a major cause of respiratory illness in children under two years of age.

  • Former VIDO-InterVac Director Dr. Lorne Babiuk honored with Gairdner Wightman Award

    Dr. Lorne Babiuk received the prestigious Gairdner Wightman Award for his work developing vaccines and uncovering how infectious diseases spread from animals to humans.

  • VIDO-InterVac scientists receive funding from Canadian Swine Health Board

    Dr. Alexander Zakhartchouk and Dr. Yan Zhou, receive funding from Canadian Swine Health Board.

  • VIDO-InterVac researcher receives CIHR Operating Grant

    VIDO-InterVac Scientist, Dr. Sylvia van den Hurk, receives three quarter of a million dollar CIHR Operating Grant on developing subunit Respiratory Syncytial Virus vaccine.