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  • Former VIDO-InterVac Director wins World Agriculture Prize

    Dr Lorne Babiuk, was awarded the GCHERA World Agriculture Prize, recognizing his lifetime contributions as a renowned virologist, acclaimed for his leadership in vaccine development and research in veterinary infectious disease control.

  • VIDO-InterVac Develops Vaccine for Devastating Pig Virus

    In less than a year, VIDO-InterVac scientists have developed and tested a prototype vaccine that could protect the N.A. swine industry from a virus that has killed more than eight million pigs and cost more than $400 million in lost income since 2013.

  • VIDO-InterVac tackles infectious diseases in world-class facilities

    In 2013, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer referred to infectious diseases as "the never ending threat." (BIOTECanada insights Magazine)

  • Zika virus travel warning

    Dr. Andrew Potter was interviewed by Global News regarding Zika virus and recent travel criteria and blood donation eligibility.

  • Recent H1N1 virus outbreak

    Dr. Andrew Potter was interviewed by Global News after reports surfaced of an H1N1 outbreak at a potash camp near Bethune, Sask

  • UofS Expert Weighs on Zika Virus Outbreaks

    Dr. Andrew Potter was interviewed by the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix regarding the Zika virus outbreak