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  • Dr. Andrew Potter receives SHRF Achievement Award

    Dr. Potter and Dr. Karniychuk were winners at the 2017 Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Santé Awards.

  • The search continues for TB and JD vaccines

    "We could be lucky and find our vaccine candidates for bovine tuberculosis and Johne’s disease within a month, or it could take a year and a half. We hope within a two-year window we will have candidates ready to test out in the field.”

  • VIDO-InterVac releases 2016-2017 Annual Report

    Through another year, VIDO-InterVac continued to build its reputation as one of Canada’s premier research institutions in the fields of human and animal health, focusing on vaccine and technology development.

  • Going viral

    Maybe it starts with a mild fever, a scratch at the back of your throat or a cough you just can’t shake. Nothing a few days of bed rest won’t fix, hopefully. (University of Saskatchewan, On Campus News)

  • Tackling infectious diseases: Canada’s role in the global effort

    Every year infectious diseases emerge that threaten the health of people and animals, and impact the global economy. (Biotechnology Focus)

  • VIDO-InterVac to field test a bovine TB prototype vaccine in 2 years

    Researchers at VIDO-InterVac are working on a vaccine for bovine tuberculosis. An outbreak of the disease last fall has had a devastating effect on some Saskatchewan farmers. (CBC News Saskatoon)

  • VIDO-InterVac helping to fight Zika virus

    VIDO-InterVac—the first place in the world to develop a swine model for the study of Zika virus infection—has secured $700,000 for research to investigate how the virus causes disease and to test new drugs and vaccines.