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  • Six world-first vaccines among USask’s VIDO-InterVac contributions to global health

    VIDO-InterVac has established itself as a leading global institute in protecting human and animal health since 1975, with six world-firsts among the eight vaccines it has commercialized.

  • Volker Gerdts Named as New VIDO-InterVac Director and CEO

    Following an international search, Dr. Volker Gerdts has been selected to lead the University of Saskatchewan’s Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre.

  • 2018 STIC Award winners showcased during third annual event

    VIDO-InterVac wins the 2018 STIC Project Award for a vaccine to protect African cattle from 'lung plague'

  • How a new vaccine could save cattle herds – and livelihoods

    For 10,000 years, the bacterium Mycoplasma mycoides has infected goats, cows and other livestock, annihilating entire herds in days.

  • Young Innovators: Innovative research finds influenza detection system in body

    University of Saskatchewan researchers have found a unique “sensor” mechanism inside cells that enables the immune system to recognize influenza, a finding that may lead to improved vaccines in the future.

  • Young Innovators: U of S research team aims to develop salmonella vaccine

    Researchers have been working on a novel salmonella vaccine that holds promise for preventing this food-borne infection. The vaccine, being developed at the university’s VIDO-InterVac, has shown positive preliminary results in animal models.

  • Early research promising for new sheep respiratory vaccine

    Research into the development of a new vaccine to help fight respiratory problems in lambs is showing encouraging early results.

  • Federal investment helps bring vaccine manufacturing facility to Saskatoon

    A vaccine manufacturing plant is set to take up residence at the VIDO-InterVac on the U of S campus.

  • U of S gets major federal boost for isotope and vaccine production, water research

    $3.6M investment towards the establishment of a vaccine manufacturing facility.

  • International Partnership Results in New Vaccine for Cattle in Africa

    A vaccine against contagious bovine pleuropneumonia has been licensed for commercial production by the Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute.