VIDO-InterVac Scientist named new Jarislowsky Chair in Biotechnology

Dec 10, 2009

VIDO-InterVac is pleased to announce that Dr. Aaron White has been awarded the Jarislowsky Chair in Biotechnology. The Chair is renewable with an initial term of 5 years and comes with an annual research award of $50,000 to support Aaron's efforts to develop a strong research program in infectious disease control. The Chair holder is also expected to develop an internship program for both undergraduate and graduate students that will include theoretical and hands-on training, so that students gain insights into state-of-the-art research in the field of infectious diseases.

About the Chair Holder - Aaron White: Dr. White joined VIDO-InterVac in May 2009, bringing additional expertise in biochemistry and microbiology to our multidisciplinary scientific team. He holds a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Alberta and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Victoria. His research focused on developing a novel vaccine system against Leishmania parasite with vaccine trials completed through collaboration with McGill University. Aaron completed a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Mike Surette in the Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at the University of Calgary where he conducted research on long-term survival of Salmonella outside of the host and the relationship to virulence and transmission. Aaron is also collaborating on research projects pertaining to microbial flora of the human GI tract and disease states, molecular epidemiology of E. coli isolated from various animal hosts, and the interaction of malaria-infected red blood cells with host endothelial cells. In addition to continuing his research on Salmonella infectivity and transmission, Aaron will undertake new avenues of research in collaboration with researchers worldwide, to develop vaccines for prevention of traveler's diarrhea, HIV and cerebral malaria.

About Stephen Jarislowsky:The Jarislowsky Chair is sponsored by Stephen Jarislowsky of Montreal who has established a philanthropic legacy of supporting research in Canada. A graduate of Harvard, Cornell and the University of Chicago, Stephen Jarislowsky is one of Canada's most successful mutual fund managers and the chairman and CEO of the investment firm Jarislowsky, Fraser Limited. Mr. Jarislowsky has received Order of Canada and the National Order of Quebec awards, and has received honorary Doctorates of law from many Canadian universities including Queen's, Concordia and McMaster.

About VIDO-InterVac: VIDO-InterVac is a world leader in developing vaccines and technologies which protect humans and animals from infectious diseases. Created in 1975, VIDO-InterVac has Containment Level 2 and Containment Level 3 facilities that include virology, immunology, bacteriology and biochemistry labs and a 160 acre research station. A research organization of the University of Saskatchewan with operating support from provincial and federal governments as well as industry grants, VIDO-InterVac hold 80+ U.S. patents and has developed technology for eight commercial vaccines.