VIDO awarded $2.4 million for vaccine coverage tailored to Saskatchewan's needs

Apr 8, 2008

The Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) has awarded VIDO $2.4 million for the establishment of the Research Alliance for the Prevention of Infectious Disease (RAPID), to be led by VIDO director Dr. Andrew Potter.

In Saskatchewan, chronic diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis C are prevalent, particularly in high-risk populations. The province is also challenged by the highest human incidence of West Nile virus in Canada, as well as abnormally high rates of sexually transmitted infections.

Vaccines have a proven track record as the most effective way to control disease. RAPID will take an interdisciplinary approach to improving vaccination coverage in Saskatchewan by developing vaccine formulations, determining their effectiveness in high-risk populations, and gathering knowledge to guide policy decisions through simulation models for disease.

RAPID is a multidisciplinary team of 17 researchers, located at VIDO, the Saskatoon Health Region, and at the University of Calgary.

The award comes through the SHRF Health Research Team program. One additional team and four new groups also received funding.