VIDO-InterVac PhD student wins best poster award

Sep 1, 2013

Steve Jimbo, a graduate student at VIDO-InterVac supervised by Dr. Geroge Mutwiri, recently won the award for best poster at the 10th International Veterinary Immunology Symposium in Milan Italy for his poster entitled "Identification of IL-10 secreting Bregs in Peyer's patches of neonatal, fetal lambs and bovine jujenal Peyer's patches"

Steve studies the role of regulatory B cells in the homeostasis of the mucosal immune system. His work provides evidence for the development of IL-10-secreting CD21+ B cells in Peyer's patches prior to antigen exposure and the existence of these cells in bovine Payers patches. This work will help improve our understanding of of immune system regulation in the gut.