VIDO-InterVac Major Partner in HIV/AIDS Vaccine Pilot Plant Bid

May 22, 2009

In March, the International Centre for Infectious Diseases (ICID) in Winnipeg submitted its full proposal for the Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative (CHVI), a joint project of the Government of Canada and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to put $88-million towards building a facility dedicated exclusively to developing an HIV/AIDS vaccine.

"VIDO/InterVac is pleased to be part of such a strong application," said VIDO’s Director Dr. Andrew Potter. "Our expertise in vaccine discovery, formulation and delivery, combined with the Containment Level III laboratories of InterVac will contribute to this global effort."

"VIDO’s expertise in vaccine research and development is truly world-class," said Terry Duguid, President and CEO of ICID. "They are part of an extraordinary group of partners in this bid and the combined expertise makes for promising research."

Other partners in the proposal include:

  • Serum Institute of India Ltd. (SIIL), the world's largest vaccine manufacturer. Vaccines manufactured by SIIL inoculate two out of every three vaccinated children worldwide
  • Cangene, Ltd., Canada’s largest biotechnology firm, based in Winnipeg, is a world leader in the development, manufacture, and commercialization of specialty hyperimmune plasma and biotechnology products.
  • Canadian Trials Network (CTN). Based in Vancouver B.C. at the University of British Columbia, CTN is Canada's only HIV clinical trials network and has a partner network for clinical trials in Africa
  • The University of Manitoba. U of M is a global leader in HIV/AIDS research. Its global public health program has major HIV/AIDS research projects in Africa and India.

ICID's bid calls for the vaccine manufacturing facility to be built in Winnipeg, which has the highest concentration of HIV researchers in Canada. VIDO/InterVac would contribute both expertise and Containment Level III facilities for process development of arising vaccines for HIV and other infectious diseases that affect the world's population.