Pathogenesis and animal model development: 

We have substantial experience studying the pathogenesis of risk group 2 and 3 (RG2 and RG3) pathogens including microbe biology and transmission, examining immune and host-pathogen responses, and developing animal models of disease. We have an extensive list of established animal models and can develop alternative challenge models to meet research needs.

Formulation and development support:

Our team can assist partners with the development of vaccine candidates and anti-infective compounds for RG2 and RG3 pathogens—this includes antigen identification, vaccine formulation, and development of novel delivery methods (e.g. mucosal, viral vectors, and needle-free).

Safety and efficacy testing:

Evaluating the safety and efficacy of vaccine candidates and anti-infective agents is the core of our contract research services offering. Our facility was designed to support a range of experimental designs from preclinical testing (human) and licensing trials (animals). Additionally, we are one of the only infectious disease and vaccine research facilities in North America with containment level 3 large animal capacity.

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