Vaccine against Inclusion Body Hepatitis Virus (IBHV) infection in chickens

Project Team: Wolfgang Köster (Koester)Colette Wheler, Thuy Nguyen 

Inclusion body hepatitis (IBH) is a significant problem for the North American poultry industry. Vaccines are not available to control the disease. To combat this issue we have developed two vaccine candidates – an in-ovo vaccine and a non-invasive vaccine formulation, both of which have shown promise in preliminary research trials.

Maternal immunity and other vaccines can interfere and reduce vaccine efficacy. Over 95% of North American broilers receive an in ovo Marek’s vaccine, and others receive further vaccines against viral diseases. To determine the safety and efficacy of the developed IBH vaccine candidates we will investigate the efficacy of the vaccine in the presence of maternal antibodies, and also determine if the vaccinations that occur under field conditions cause interference and reduce the efficacy of the IBH vaccines.