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Cornelia Kreplin

“Bio Solutions offers the opportunity to accelerate new knowledge and, perhaps, the development of products that can be significant to Alberta.”

As a member of the Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions (Al-Bio) Executive Team, Dr. Cornelia Kreplin is engaged in leadership, fore sighting and investment in research and innovation activities that support agriculture and forestry sectors.

Cornelia’s role in Bio Solutions includes:

  • The investments of research that build sustainable production and food innovation in Alberta
  • Working with others to define future opportunities
  • Connecting people who can capitalize on the collaboration of their respective strengths

Cornelia’s training in veterinary medicine and graduate degree in veterinary reproductive pathology led to a career with Alberta Agriculture. She served as the provincial reproductive pathologist and later as Alberta’s Chief Provincial Veterinarian before accepting the challenge of building a Food Safety Division for the Ministry in 1999.

As Director of Agriculture Research Division, Cornelia enabled Division staff to apply their research and innovative expertise in development of new information to support Alberta’s primary agricultural producers in meeting the needs of their customers and clients. As a lifelong learner, this is just a glance at what Cornelia has experienced, learned and accomplished. She now applies what she has learned to her position at AI Bio.