Craig Vanderwagen

Past Chair VIDO Board of Directors

W. Craig Vanderwagen MD, RADM, USPHS (RET) is Director and Founder of East West Protection (EWP), a company founded to provide comprehensive strategic, operational, and tactical solutions to preparedness, detection, and public health and medical response to disaster events whether intentional, accidental or natural in origin.  EWP provides support to local, national and international organizations in both the public and private sectors.  He is also a Senior Partner with Martin, Blanck, and Associates providing strategic and subject matter consultative services to a variety of commercial and non-profit organizations both nationally and internationally.  Dr. Vanderwagen is also Board Chairman of ENG Mobile Systems, a designer and manufacturer of specialized mobile vehicles  including mobile labs, clean room transport vehicles for the aerospace industry and ISO and FDA approved mobile manufacturing units.

Dr. Vanderwagen served 28 years as a uniformed officer in the U.S. Public Health Service, retiring with the rank of Rear Admiral (upper half).  He was the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) from March 2007 to July 2009 where he served as principle advisor to Secretary HHS on matters related to preparedness efforts of HHS.  He provided guidance to HSS response planning and implementation and to the development of medical counter measures; coordinate communication on planning activities and response considerations with other Federal agencies and non-federal entities.  Prior to that he served as Assistant secretary, Public Health Emergency Preparedness where he provided leadership and management to the planning and implementation of Federal response to health effects of public health emergencies and disasters

Prior to ASPR, Dr. Vanderwagen served 25 years in the Indian Health Service (IHS), the U.S. federally-funded program of public health and clinical health care services provided to 2.5 million members of federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native nations, tribes, and bands. The IHS provides comprehensive services through 49 hospitals and hundreds of health clinics and 45,000 employees nation-wide.  Dr. Vanderwagen served in a variety of clinical and leadership capacities locally, regionally, and nationally and for over a decade had national responsibility for the creation of public health and clinical programs serving these populations.