Arshud Dar


Dr. Dar joined VIDO as a Research Scientist in 2002. He completed his Doctoral degree in veterinary virology from the University of Minnesota. Prior to joining VIDO-InterVac, Dr. Dar worked as a research fellow in number of leading international virology laboratories, including the: Institute of Biotechnology, George August University, Gottingen, Germany; Virology and Immunology Division of German Primate Center, Gottingen, Germany; and The Diagnostics Research Division of Federal Research Institute for Viral Diseases of Animals, Tubingen, Germany. His research expertise includes avian immunology, viral pathogenesis, and development of veterinary diagnostics and vaccines.

Research Interests:

  • Molecular basis of avian viral and bacterial pathogenesis and immune modulation
  • Development of in ovo and post hatch avian vaccines
  • Modulation of avian immune system to harness avian viral and bacterial pathogenesis
  • Characterization of in ovo and post hatch immune modulators as an alternative to antibiotics as prophylactic agents and growth promoters in poultry production

Current Projects: