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Research and VIDO-InterVac


VIDO-InterVac’s research includes a broad range of infectious diseases and "platform technologies" applicable to a broad spectrum of diseases or species.


Our capabilities for testing vaccines against Containment Level 2 (CL2) diseases range from small rodent trials to large animal disease models.


When InterVac is operational in 2012, our capabilities will expand substantially to include Containment Level 3 diseases.

Science Management Team

Volker Gerdts

Dr. Volker Gerdts

Associate Director, Research

Hugh Townsend

Dr. Hugh Townsend

Core Research & Contract Research

George Mutwiri

Dr. George Mutwiri

Vaccine Formulation & Delivery

Sylvia van den Hurk

Dr. Sylvia van den Hurk

Viral Vaccine Development

Jose Perez-Casal

Dr. Jose Perez Casal

Bacterial Vaccine Development

Don Wilson

Dr. Don Wilson

Clinical Research and GMP

Research Themes


VIDO-InterVac research programs are organized into several themed areas:

  • Bacterial Vaccine Development
  • Vaccine Formulation & Deliver
  • Viral Vaccine Development
  • Clinical Research and GMP
  • Core Research and Contract Research


Inquiries about research programs can be directed to Dr. Volker Gerdts, Associate Director for Research at (306) 966-1513 or