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  • Canadian universities partner to fight COVID-19 at USask’s VIDO-InterVac

    Infectious disease experts from Dalhousie University and University of Manitoba are joining the leading-edge research team at VIDO-InterVac on one-year secondments to collaboratively advance research and development against COVID-19.

  • CFI awards $77.5M to help major USask science facilities address COVID-19 and other global challenges

    Funding through the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s (CFI) Major Science Initiatives Fund ensures Canada’s large, national research facilities have the support needed to operate and stay on the leading edge of research.

  • Salmonella biofilm protein causes autoimmune responses—possible link with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s

    Scientists from VIDO-InterVac and Temple University in Philadelphia, Penn., have demonstrated that a salmonella biofilm protein can cause autoimmune responses and arthritis in animals.

  • Promising pre-clinical results for USask VIDO-InterVac COVID-19 vaccine

    A COVID-19 vaccine candidate developed by VIDO-InterVac has cleared another major milestone in moving towards human clinical trials: the novel vaccine has proven highly effective in ferrets, one of the commonly used animal models for COVID-19.

  • USask’s VIDO-InterVac and the National Research Council of Canada collaborate to advance development of vaccine against COVID-19

    VIDO-InterVac and NRC announced a collaboration to accelerate the development and production of a candidate COVID-19 antigen in mammalian cells.

  • ZYUS Collaborates with USask’s VIDO-InterVac to Develop a Plant-Based Vaccine for COVID-19

    ZYUS Life Sciences Inc. and VIDO-InterVac will collaborate to test plant produced antigens in a vaccine for COVID-19.

  • USask VIDO-InterVac awarded $23M for COVID-19 vaccine research

    VIDO-InterVac has been awarded $23 million to fast-track efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today.

  • Prime Minister announces new support for COVID-19 medical research and vaccine development

    $23 million announced to accelerate development of a vaccine against COVID-19. Funding will support pre-clinical testing and clinical trials of a potential COVID-19 vaccine, essential steps to ensuring that vaccines are effective and safe for human use.

  • SHA and VIDO-InterVac partner to help ensure supply of N95 respiratory masks

    The Saskatchewan Health Authority and VIDO-InterVac at the University of Saskatchewan are partnering on a way to safely decontaminate and reuse N95 respiratory masks that are normally thrown away after each use.

  • USask VIDO-InterVac and International Vaccine Institute collaborate on COVID-19 work

    IVI of South Korea, a world-renowned international organization founded by the United Nations Development Programme, is collaborating with VIDO-InterVac to better understand the virus causing COVID-19 and to develop vaccines and potential treatments.